Jay Stands for Jacksonville

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Jay Stands for Experience

"I have been with the JSO for 22 years, and I’ve worked with virtually every JSO unit. My broad experience has provided a working knowledge of the challenges facing Jacksonville.”

- Jay Farhat

Jay worked up the ranks. He started in Patrol, then Traffic, Homicide and other senior leadership roles. He was appointed to the State Attorney’s Office and led investigations in the Major Crimes Unit, Repeat Offender Court, Special Prosecution and the Juvenile Unit. Today, Jay supervises homicide detectives in JSO’s pinnacle investigative unit. His unrivaled experience taught him what is needed to strengthen and protect our quality of life. He is prepared to serve. Jay stands for experience. Stand for Jay on March 24th.

Jay's Vision

Jay stands for a model city, a leader in law enforcement and innovation. Stand for Jay on March 24.

Jay Stands for New Ideas

"As Sheriff, I will have fewer political appointees in the office, more patrol officers on the street, and at no more cost to taxpayers."

- Jay Farhat

Jay will couple new technology with community outreach in the prevention and resolution of crime. These innovations will reduce administrative costs and improve police response times, resulting in a more efficient and effective police force. He will also reestablish a dedicated Traffic Division so Jacksonville will no longer be the only city of its size without one. We will have safer streets. And public safety leads to economic development and a better quality of life. Jay stands for new ideas. Stand for Jay on March 24th.

Jay's Public Service More About Jay's Vision

Jay volunteers as a youth coach and for Duval County Public Schools "Reading with the Stars"

Jay's Stands for Public Service

"Preventing crime among our youth is critical to the success of our city."

- Jay Farhat

Jay is an active volunteer. He is especially involved in organizations focused on local youth. He believes early intervention reduces incarceration. Jay supports counseling and community service versus jail for first time, low- and moderate- risk juvenile offenders. He prefers to change our youth-at-risk with community supervision, not prison. Jay understands Jacksonville's youth is our future. Jay stands for public service. Stand for Jay on March 24th.

Jay's Life is Jacksonville

Jay stands for the people of Jacksonville.

Jay Stands for Jacksonville

"Jacksonville has been home all my life. The decision to choose law enforcement put me in the best position to protect our city.”

- Jay Farhat

Jay Farhat is a Jacksonville native. He played sports for Wolfson High School and earned his degree from Florida State University in Political Science and Criminology. Jay came home and Ed Austin hired him for the State Attorney's Office. He encouraged Jay to enter the JSO Police Academy, which led to his first 22 years of protecting our city. Today, Jay and his wife, Renee, are raising their two sons here because they believe in Jacksonville's future. Jay stands for Jacksonville. Stand for Jay on March 24th.

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Jay Farhat playing Wolfson High School Football